Transforming Processing Byproduct & Food Waste from Trash to Treasure

Industrial manufacturers have been discarding processing byproducts and food waste at high economic and environmental costs. With the Aranea fermentation technology, we offer a solution, which is safe, sustainable, fast and cost efficient. Our technology is versatile and we can upcycle byproduct and waste into products high in protein, amino acids and dietary fiber. Our platform technology can be used on a variety of materials from different industries. By upcycling byproducts or waste with Aranea fermentation technology, manufacturers will save costs, contribute to the United Nations Sustainble Development Goals number 12 and 13 and can create another source of revenue. Global population will continue to increase and this will be a challenge for our planet, systems and for linear food supply chains in general.

It is our mission to contribute to a sustainable solution to the massive global processing byproduct and food waste challenge. We believe it is necessary to find circular solutions for the food supply chain rather than increasing the output of linear supply chains to feed the world. With the Aranea fermentation technology platform, a circular solution for many industries is here to make food production more sustainable and help human health and our planet.

Processing byproduct

Our technology transforms processing byproducts from the food and beverage industry into novel, edible products for humans. Within a few hours (24-72 hours) a protein- and fibre-rich superfood is produced from the ingredients contained in the byproduct. Aranea is based on a bio-tech platform which can be used for a wide variety of industrial byproduct. So far we use our Aranea technology on different industrial byproducts such as brewer’s spent grain, spent coffee grounds, spent tea and discarded cacao husk. The Aranea fermentation technology process transforms byproducts into an edible high protein powder that can be applied to multiple industrial applications to maximise the environmental, marketing and financial value of processing byproduct.

Food waste

Private enterprises, public entities and global citizens all are affected by the issue of food waste. 1/3 of all food produced in the world ends up as waste. Our Aranea bio-tech platform technology is also able to upcycle food waste by using leftovers and transforming them into new, high-protein edible product by growing a membrane on top of the leftovers. This membrane can be used as a source of protein and be therefore a circular solution for food waste. Transforming waste to a new source of protein – from trash to treasure. With our Aranea fermentation technology we want to be part of a circular, sustainable and financially viable solution and help our environment to thrive.


Miyayoshi Alexander Shimpei, CEO

Alex grew up with both Austrian and Japanese cultures and languages. Over his professional career he has built an extensive network in the start-up community in Europe and in Asia.

Yoshinobu Hatake, CFO

Yoshinobu is a M&A consultant, CPA and LTA in the United States of America. His wide experience in over 240 concluded M&A deals and his wide network in the Japanese economy are a solid basis for the progress of Aranea Ltd. in and outside of Japan.

Gavin Dixon

He is the director and co-founder of Global Perspectives K.K. Sustainability Integration Consultancy. His experience ranges from Japanese to international corporations of various sizes and industries.

Team Watanabe,
Product development

More than 20 years of experience in food product development with their focus in baking and in the Italian cuisine, their creativity and passion in the lab like kitchen is a fantastic addition to the team.

Yasunobu Tokuda, Advisor

Having a background in agriculture at Tsukuba University, he is currently a guest lecturer at Meiji University in the department of Agricultural Chemistry.

Join the Aranea network

Join our network of industrial manufacturers with a broad portfolio of products that wants to create a circular food supply chain solution for a sustainable future. Depending on your processing byproduct and food waste, we can take materials off your hands or provide you the technology to transfrom your own byproduct. We offer solutions tailored to your needs.

For more information please contact us under hello@aranea.co.jp